KCCI – Office Bearers

Karnatak Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Hubballi

KCC&I Office Bearers

Office bearers elected for the period 2021-23

Sl.No. Profile Images Names Place More Info
1. Shri. Vinay J. Javali Shri. Vinay J. Javali President View More
2. Shri. Praveen S. Agadi Shri. Praveen S. Agadi Hon. Secretary. View More
3. Shri. Shankar S. Koliwad Shri. Shankar S. Koliwad Jt. Hon. Secretary View More
4. Shri. S. P. Saunshimath Shri. S. P. Saunshimath 1st Vice President View More
5. Shri. Sandeep Bidasaria Shri. Sandeep Bidasaria 2nd Vice President View More
6. Shri. B. S. Satish Shri. B. S. Satish 3rd Vice President View More

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